Janice Wheeler

How to Get in the Driver’s Seat

You may have noticed that people do not succeed by blaming other people, the economy, the government, the boss, their staff, their family or their enemies. Top execs and successful people just don’t go there. No matter how hard you blame others, no matter how convincing the argume

Are You Purpose Driven?

In what direction are you expending or focusing your energy? Do you use it arguing? Surfing the internet? Watching television? Or do you spending your energy getting your short and long term goals in life met? For example, if you spend your energy on parties and sports, you end with m

The Science of Success

Some people approach success differently, and here are some of the ways that you can too: 1. The very first thing is to decide exactly, precisely and as specifically as possible what you want to achieve.  You can’t get there from here if you don’t know where THERE is. 2. Set up a time

Who Trusts You?

To succeed in life and at work, you must gain a reputation as someone who can be trusted and relied upon.  Whenever someone believes you will do something, they have trusted you.  They have assumed you will keep your promises.  If you fail to do as you agreed, you lose that trust.  Yo

A Report Card For Your Life

(STATISTICAL MANAGEMENT ON A PERSONAL LEVEL) If you had to report to a higher authority every week about your contributions as a member of mankind, what would your score be? Some people are kind, thoughtful, nurturing, and huge philanthropists out to help all mankind, while other folk

The Power of Good Manners

Do you like rude people?  Do you mind if someone interrupts you?  Are you happy when people ignore you? Of course not.  No one likes bad manners.  People with bad manners are rejected.  They don’t get the good jobs or the promotions.  Their businesses do not succeed. People with good

6 Cool Things I Have Learned as a Boss

1.  Ask my staff for ideas more often. At various times, I have sat alone as the owner of a company trying to visualize how I can do something differently.  In other words, I am working within my own box.  An excellent idea that I sometimes forget about is asking my team for ideas on

Imagine Your Success

During a tour of duty in Vietnam, Major James Nesmeth was captured and held prisoner in a tiny cell for seven years.  To keep sane, he mentally practiced his golf game. Every day he would imagine being at the first tee at his favourite golf course.  He would imagine the weather, the f

Words of Praise

When was the last time someone gave you a heartfelt thanks for something that you accomplished?  Did it warm your heart to be acknowledged?   Did it make you feel appreciated? For those of you who couldn’t think of a time (how awful), wouldn’t it be nice if someone DID give you a big

Frozen into Inaction in your Practice?

Have you ever had so many “screaming emergencies” on your plate at once that you actually experienced a feeling of being frozen into inaction? Or maybe there were several overwhelmingly important decisions and you just felt like all your “brain space” had been taken up and there was n