Imagine Your Success

During a tour of duty in Vietnam, Major James Nesmeth was captured and held prisoner in a tiny cell for seven years.  To keep sane, he mentally practiced his golf game.

Every day he would imagine being at the first tee at his favourite golf course.  He would imagine the weather, the feel of the club and the grass at his feet.  He would look at the ball and imagine the perfect swing.

Soon after he was freed and returned to the United States, he went to his favourite golf course and played a round of golf.  Without having touched his club for seven years, he improved his game by 20 strokes . . . as a prisoner of war!

Goal Achievement

Imagine successfully achieving your goals, and your chances of reaching those goals become greater.

Your imagination can help you do a better job at work.  For example, your paperwork mountain is swallowing up your desk.  While taking your morning shower, you envision yourself completing the entire pile in one day.  You imagine yourself working hard and fast to clean up the backlog.  You feel the joy as the last piece of paper is handled and you look at your clean desk.

When you arrive at work, you know what to do.  Because you have a good imagination, you soon have a clean desk.


  • Imagine how the rest of today will go for you.  Take a minute and imagine it will be wonderful.
  • Imagine what you might accomplish this year.  What if you could accomplish anything at all?
  • Imagine getting more work done next week than ever in your life.
  • Pick a goal you have and imagine accomplishing it.  How will it happen?  How will you feel?
  • When you think about being successful, what does it include?   Imagine that!
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