Janice Wheeler

Presenter Profile: Janice Wheeler

Management skills are ingrained in me through many years of courses, wide angle reading, and running a consulting firm for 30 years that teaches management skills to healthcare professionals and coaches them into using them effectively.

When engaged to speak at conventions, seminars, or even an association dinner, I strive to bring to life in the audiences the hope of a better practice and pass on true tools to create that vision. I have found that the secret to the attendee’s ability to apply to their practices what I have taught lies in the number of real, practical examples I give of actual application. Many have commented on this.

I have delivered hundreds of seminars all over Canada and been a keynote speaker at conventions for healthcare professionals in England, the U.S. and all across Canada.

“Practice Management”
Ottawa, ON
June, 2016

“How to Build Your Ideal Practice”
Washington, DC
September 2015

“The Secrets of Successful Selling”
Red Deer, AB
October 2014

“Effective Leadership”
Welland, ON
April 2013

Toronto, ON
October 2012

“The Five Steps to Success & Prosperity”
Moncton, NB
May 2011

“Planning for the Future” and “Strategic Marketing”
Whistler, BC
May 2010

“How to Be an Effective Boss” and “How and When to Expand Your Practice”
Niagara Falls, ON
October 2009

“Leading your staff to a win”
Sudbury, ON
September 2009

“New Patients, More Income, Less Stress – What are the Secrets?”
Toronto, ON
November 2007

“Practice Management”
Collingwood, ON
June 2007

“How to Start a Practice”
Coventry, England
May 2007

“Growing the Practice From Within”
Bathurst, NB
May 2001

“Reading Between the Lines and Recruiting Winners”
Stoney Creek, ON
November 1999

“Hiring and Motivating Truly Terrific Staff”
Hamilton, ON

“Running a Practice as an Executive”
Quebec City, QC
October 1998