Since this is my personal website, I thought it best to let you know who I AM.

Like yourself, there are many sides to me and what I do, such as:

  • A passionate business woman. I have the goal to help business owners prosper and enjoy their work through dynamic management training and consulting, as well as personal consulting.
  • A professional speaker. I have delivered many hundreds of seminars through my company as well as been a keynote speaker on management topics at various conferences and conventions, across Canada and in England.
  • I am the President and CEO of The Art Of Management Inc. (www.amican.com) which is 30+ years old and mainly caters to healthcare professionals. I have staff so yes, I understand the joys and frustrations of running a business day to day. I have made a point of getting trained on an ongoing basis so I have the tools to meet the challenges.
  • An author of hundreds and hundreds of articles. Sometimes I marvel that there are that many business topics to write about and I constantly wonder what the heck I am going to write about next.
  • I have been happily married for over 50 years to a business genius, Bob, who is the co-owner of our company and is our Director of Consulting. Not only that, I am blessed to have a daughter, Andrea, who is a very smart young business person herself and is our VP Admin. She produced an amazing son Jayden and keeps me current with that generation’s lingo and interests (e.g. “sick” means “awesome”).
  • Photographer. I am an artist and express it through photography of anything.
  • Volunteer. Helping others makes me happy and I will never ever stop doing volunteer work every week of my life because giving others happiness and strength is my passion.