The Science of Success


Some people approach success differently, and here are some of the ways that you can too:

1. The very first thing is to decide exactly, precisely and as specifically as possible what you want to achieve.  You can’t get there from here if you don’t know where THERE is.

2. Set up a timetable for this goal to be reached and how much time each day or week that you need and block this into your schedule.

3. Keep focused and positive about reaching this goal.  Sometimes along the way you can have set-backs, just keep your chin up and be optimistic that you are going to succeed.  Effort and persistence as vital to any success.

4.  Focus on improving and gaining skill and knowledge, not on the fact that you are not PERFECT yet.  There is always a learning curve and you will naturally mess up once in a while and have to practice or learn more to move ahead.

5.  Pace yourself.  Sometimes people get too overeager and drop everything else in their life to get this one goal met and then run out of steam and take a loss.  Instead, pace yourself and keep life on track while steadfastedly moving towards your goal.

6.  Keep your eye on the top of the mountain (goal) and don’t lose sight of it even though you get lost in the trees once in a while.  Just “know” that there is an end and that somehow you will find your way there if you just persist.

7.  Start with a small goal and achieve it.  Then take a bigger one and achieve that.  It’s like a muscle that you need to exercise and grow.  Build up experience and steam and then the world can become your oyster.

So what is your first small goal going to be?  START.

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