Janice Wheeler


Volunteerism I once had a conversation with my late mother-in-law whom I really admired and respected.  In her mid-80’s, she told me that life was over and she was bored and wished it would end.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with her physically but she had lost lots of friends in recent times. In an …

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Wishing for 26 hour days?

Wishing for 26 hour days? Here is an article that I wrote for my company website. Do you ever wish there was more time in a day to get things done? This shows you how you can handle being crazy busy. Enjoy! Wishing for 26 hour days? Janice Wheeler, Author

Life/Work Balance

Life/Work Balance “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”— Albert Einstein So many people are talking, writing, ranting about having life/work balance.Have you noticed, however, that it means something different for each person? Someone who has just fallen in love may want to spend more time with their new honey …

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Goal Setting

Goal Setting What goals do you have? Perhaps you want a bigger practice, a happier team, higher quality service to the patients or clients, more net income? Maybe you wish to lose weight (or gain, for the lucky people), create financial independence, build a successful marriage, or raise productive, happy kids. A goal is a …

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