What’s With Goals Anyway?

Have you ever tried to reach a goal and failed?  And then have you ever said to yourself:

“I have too many problems to reach my goals.”
“I’d rather watch TV anyway.”
“Whatever made me think I could do that?”
“I’ll do it some other time.”
“I didn’t realize it would be this difficult.”

Once you start saying “can’t,” you are on the downhill road to failure.  Barriers to success are built into our society, such as “You can’t park there.”  “You can’t keep that money.” “You can’t leave early.”

The real damage occurs, however, when YOU stop yourself.  For example, “I can’t earn more money.”  “I can’t change.”

Then you stop looking for ways to succeed; you avoid setting any goals at all; and you may feel very tired.


Fortunately, you do have the ability to turn things around and reach your biggest goals.  Think of a past goal you haven’t given up on.    Then recall all the reasons why you wanted to do that in the first place.  Get fired up about it again.  Think of how it will be when you have achieved the goal.

Now work out step by step how you CAN achieve that goal and get started on them.   Each time you feel like quitting, change your mind and remember your reasons for wanting to reach that goal.  Keep going!

You never fail until you decide to stop trying, so persist until you win!

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Janice Wheeler and a clickable link back to this page.

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