This is a collection of short posts written by Janice Wheeler, President of The Art Of Management.


I once had a conversation with my late mother-in-law whom I really admired and respected.  In her mid-80’s, she told me that life was over and she was bored and wished it would end.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with her physically but she had lost lots of friends in recent times. In an effort …

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Ticking the Boxes

I am doing some interesting organizational courses lately in my continual quest to know how to be the best executive possible. A fall-out of those courses is that I have for several weeks now been writing weekly and daily plans listing what I need to accomplish in those time frames.  And through keeping more focused …

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Are you Having Fun?

As a consultant, I meet so many people who are working so hard trying to run their businesses and yet not having fun.  They are often worried, concerned, freaked out, fearful, sad, cranky, terrified of doing the wrong thing, overwhelmed, frustrated, and so on.  There are often many “reasons” for these reactions, mainly due to …

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