Janice Wheeler

Becoming More Competent

Over the 30 years of owning a consulting firm, I have had to confront and deal with situations (money, staff issues, etc.) that you might say are not “my cup of tea.”  In fact, I have often wanted to run the other way, take a vacation, delegate it to someone else in the company,

Enriching other people’s lives

I noticed a few days ago that I am having more frequent urges to help others.  I’ve always been “a bit that way” but nowadays, I seem to have become “too busy” to fulfill those urges.  I notice opportunities to help someone and think the thought that I should do it, and then

Creating Life

Ever get bored out of your gourd?  Nothing remarkable seems to be happening in your life?  Getting up day after day and doing the same things?  Feeling blah? This can happen to any of us at any time in our lives and has in fact happened to me too.  What to do, what

Believing In Yourself

This is an article I wrote for my company website, and I want to share it with you here as I felt it applies to more than just a business environment. BELIEVING IN YOURSELF – THE ART OF MANAGEMENT Enjoy! Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this art


I once had a conversation with my late mother-in-law whom I really admired and respected.  In her mid-80’s, she told me that life was over and she was bored and wished it would end.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with her physically but she had lost lots of friends in recent time
Janice Wheeler

Wishing for 26 hour days?

Here is an article that I wrote for my company website. Do you ever wish there was more time in a day to get things done? This shows you how you can handle being crazy busy. Enjoy! Wishing for 26 hour days?

The Surprised Author

My staff like surprising me, and this year they REALLY surprised me by bundling 56 of my practice management advice articles into a paperback format and got it published on Amazon! They presented the book to me on my birthday as a gift. I was probably the most “surprised author” ever

Ticking the Boxes

I am doing some interesting organizational courses lately in my continual quest to know how to be the best executive possible. A fall-out of those courses is that I have for several weeks now been writing weekly and daily plans listing what I need to accomplish in those time frames.&n

Are you Having Fun?

As a consultant, I meet so many people who are working so hard trying to run their businesses and yet not having fun.  They are often worried, concerned, freaked out, fearful, sad, cranky, terrified of doing the wrong thing, overwhelmed, frustrated, and so on.  There are oft

Time Poverty

As you know, I write weekly email articles for The Art Of Management Inc. This week’s article has some tips on how to give yourself the gift of more time to do the things YOU want to do.   TIME POVERTY – THE ART OF MANAGEMENT Enjoy! Creative Commons Attribution: Permi