Enriching other people’s lives

I noticed a few days ago that I am having more frequent urges to help others.  I’ve always been “a bit that way” but nowadays, I seem to have become “too busy” to fulfill those urges.  I notice opportunities to help someone and think the thought that I should do it, and then “realize” that I don’t have time to go out of my way to do it.  I’m always in such a rush it seems.  Does anyone else find that?

Anyway, this little dissertation is a resolution to myself to act on those impulses more.  If we all get too busy or preoccupied to take the time to help each other in big or small ways, I think life becomes a little less meaningful.  We are, after all, here to help others as one of our main purposes in life.

Helping others improve their businesses is my company’s purpose and we do awesome at changing and saving lives that way.  But, I am talking about me personally helping another in everyday life outside of work.  Lending an ear to a friend whose husband is going through cancer treatment.  Loaning someone a bit of money for something they urgently need.  Or even treating someone to dinner who has done something cool for someone else.

I find it enriches my life and I feel better about myself when I am reaching out to help others and caring to enrich their lives.  I will do more!

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