Are you Having Fun?

As a consultant, I meet so many people who are working so hard trying to run their businesses and yet not having fun.  They are often worried, concerned, freaked out, fearful, sad, cranky, terrified of doing the wrong thing, overwhelmed, frustrated, and so on.  There are often many “reasons” for these reactions, mainly due to having to handle situations and make decisions for which they have no training.

However, I have observed other people who have every reason to exhibit those same negative emotions, yet they don’t.  Instead, they view the problems and difficulties as challenges and barriers to be overcome.  They decide that there has to be a solution and work out what it is and get going on fixing it.  They also ramp up their fun factor and they experience joy every time they move ahead an inch.

So I myself have been working on improving this ability to switch my mood up to having fun and being insouciant, all the while still getting production done.  When I am confronted with a problem, I try to switch to seeing it as a challenge and get logical and objective about the situation.  Every time I am able to do that things magically start to go better and easier and the problem dissolves or gets handled.

I think the trick is to not think to myself that I can’t handle something or there is nothing I can do about it.  Rather, I now try to say to myself with great positivity that I can DEFINITELY do something about this situation, and then find some part of it that I can take action on and do that part.  Take a win.  Then carry on until I have handled it piece by piece.

I’m a work in progress on this.

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