Creating Life

Ever get bored out of your gourd?  Nothing remarkable seems to be happening in your life?  Getting up day after day and doing the same things?  Feeling blah?

This can happen to any of us at any time in our lives and has in fact happened to me too.  What to do, what to do?  Is there anything one can actually do about it?

As a matter of fact, I figured it out and it works!

Step One:

Realize that something needs to change.

Step Two:

Decide to be the one who is going to do the changing.

Step Three:

Look around your life and find what interests you.  It could be learning about ancient Egypt, getting trained on social media methods, taking up ballroom dancing, finding a volunteer activity that you feel would make the world a better place and where you could help, taking up oil painting classes, and so on.  The main thing is that you are INTERESTED in it.

Step Four:

Get deeply involved in the activity that interested you.

NOTE:  The key here is that you create interest in things.  When I started doing this I found myself noticing things around me more, like: “Wow, I never saw that storefront before,” or “Look at how pretty the snow looks on top of all the cars in the morning after an overnight snowfall … I think I’ll take a picture of that with my phone.”  You are the one who creates the interest in things and can make your own life more interesting.

Don’t sit there waiting for life to make itself more interesting to you because it won’t happen – it is inanimate.  Get up and go create life instead!  Go crazy, have fun!

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