A Blank Space

Everyone has a history if they have lived at all. Things have happened to us throughout our lives, good or bad. Many of us could write a really entertaining, attention grabbing book that no one would believe could have happened for real.

Here’s an interesting twist though: Instead of being interested in what has already happened, what if we write about what WILL happen in our future? The future is like one big blank space and we can put anything there that we wish to.

Imagine the future and what you would like to do. It can be changes in career, or vacation destinations to be taken, or changing your friends for a more positive bunch, or even deciding such things as standing up for yourself more or being nicer to everyone or more positive. It could be moving to a new city, improving your relationship, and so on.

I can hear a few readers groaning and thinking that I don’t understand their lives and that everything is pre-ordained and set in stone. Maybe there really is nothing you can do about it all, but I invite you to look and see if there are ANY changes at all that could be made or small adjustments you can make to the WAY your commitments are carried out. Even tiny changes could shift your whole future into a better path. Pick one thing, do it and see what happens. Then try another and another.

The point is that the future is a blank space and you can write on it what you decide. Be creative and use your imagination. Then map out how to make one thing happen and push it through to completion. I recommend picking something small to start with so you have a win and gain confidence. Work your way up to the big things.

Writing your history forward is a fun exercise and could help create a much better future for yourself. Have fun with this!

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