Toughing it Out

You never know how strong you can be until you are put to the test, right?

When you own a company or have a high position of responsibility for the outcome of the group, organization, division, committee, single mother, etc., you can be put to the test of pulling off miracles to save the day. And this can be extremely uncomfortable sometimes. The big question is always, “Can I pull this off or get us out of this mess?” And sometimes it is merely making the big decision, such as “Shall we move the company’s offices to something bigger and better and is that the right thing to do right now?”

Everyone in my life sees me as someone who always makes things go right no matter what. But inside my own skin, I have doubts and fears that I will be able to actually, yet again, pull off the big win. I lose sleep thinking and thinking in the wee small hours. I go around looking worried and agonizing over how I am going to handle things. This happened to me recently.

I had 4 crushingly bad things happen and one major forward decision to make, all at the same time. So at first I felt crushed and like it was all impossible. I experienced victim reactions … How can this be happening to me? … Why now of all times? And so on. But then, spurred by the urgency to handle the situations, I just decided to get into action and take the first thing and handle it. I talked it through with my key people in my life to collect ideas and their thoughts, then I made the decision on what to do and did it. I experienced a bit of relief. Then the solution to the second problem popped into my head and I solved that one. And so it went for the remaining two catastrophes, with lots of hard work and confronting things that I would rather not have to deal with if I had my own choice.

Those handled, I then fell apart. Do I want to ever go through anything like that again? I went through the whole “doubt” process and for a day or two, I thought it wasn’t worth it. Then I sat down with myself and looked at who I really am and what my ideal scene would be, i.e. what SHOULD the future look like. I looked at a bad pattern I had fallen prey to and saw that it didn’t have to be that way anymore. I wrote it all out.

And suddenly life seemed bright again and I knew where I wanted things to go. And then I got some good sleeps (which always helps, along with eating right and exercise). And now everything seems possible again … the future will be great.

And that, by the way, is the underlying thing I always KNOW deep down inside: I will always survive and I will ALWAYS make things go right, despite anything!

Everyone has the ability to do this. You just have to decide that you will make “it” come out right, and then follow through on that decision, despite anything!

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