Keeping My Eyes on the Horizon

Sometimes I can feel like a boat tossed to and fro on an angry ocean and somehow my rudder is not functioning properly. I don’t know what is going to happen and where I will end up.

There are days when anyone can feel like they don’t know what to do, or what the best decision to make is, or what will be the outcome of a particular action. Sometimes you can feel like there is no one to talk to about it either who will understand. (This may actually be untrue and there may be half a dozen people you could call as a listener or mentor.)

Self-pity can rise up and you may even feel hard done by and like it is all hopeless. My solution: enjoy that feeling for a few minutes. Really turn it on and soak in it. Then say to yourself: “Okay, enough of that, now let’s get into action and handle it.” From that causative stance, you can now take over the rudder and steer in the right direction.

Keep your eyes on the horizon and just know (really positively know) that everything is going to come out all right. And then work to make it happen.

You are an able person. Me too. We can achieve almost anything if we just decide we can!

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