Is there more to know?

My daughter and I went to a seminar a number of years ago on SEO (Search Engine Optimization – methods of getting Google to find you when people are looking on line for solutions that you have).

The speaker asked how many people in the room (about 100 altogether) were there because their company paid for them to come for the day but who didn’t expect to learn anything they didn’t already know. To my surprise, about half the room put up their hands!!!

So the speaker told a little story to the audience about the day he had switched from being a Know-it-all to being a Learn-it-all. I can’t remember the details of his story, but I do remember my epiphany on this and my decision to be a Learn-it-all from there on.

The trick is to observe and look for new things to learn in everything, whether it is a familiar subject or not. I am like a sponge now, looking to be more informed, find new angles on things, learn how to do new things.

The internet has become my new best friend as it is a huge resource of many different opinions and ideas and viewpoints on almost any topic. I love researching things and then making up my own mind what to believe.

What are you going to learn today?

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