How to be More Successful

Everything you want in life requires the support or cooperation of individuals. Your success depends on other people. Objects, the economy and governments do not make you successful.

For example, if you invented a better telephone, it would not make you wealthy. Your money would come from the people who bought this phone.

A business does not succeed because it has a beautiful office space, fancy brochures or a brilliant plan. It succeeds because people buy your product or service. It also succeeds because the staff members do their work.

Human relations, not things, make or break your future success. So when people ignore you, what is going on? Why do they break their agreements with you? Why won’t they help you?

How People Decide to Treat You

The golden rule applies here: If you are honest with people, they are generally honest back to you. If you encourage them, they will encourage you in return. If you give them help they need, they will give you what you need help with.

On the other hand, if you are blunt with people, they will be blunt with you. If you try to cheat people, they will try to cheat you. If you push them down, they will try to push you down.

How to Use This Data

If people are not giving you the support you need, do not sit and wish they would treat you better. Instead, ask yourself, “How do I like to be treated?”

Make a list of everyone who influences you or you depend on or who can make you successful. Then write down how you want these people to treat you. After that, work out how you can do that first to each of those people. Keep doing this and you will find people starting to treat you the way you had hoped for.

Remember, if you want help on your road to success, help other people succeed first. Give it a try!

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