Janice Wheeler

Dreams vs. Failures

I found a great quote this morning by Suzy Kassem (writer, poet, philosopher):             “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” Good heavens, that so rang home to me!  All my doubts in life, business, as a mother


I once had a conversation with my late mother-in-law whom I really admired and respected.  In her mid-80’s, she told me that life was over and she was bored and wished it would end.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with her physically but she had lost lots of friends in recent time
Janice Wheeler

Wishing for 26 hour days?

Here is an article that I wrote for my company website. Do you ever wish there was more time in a day to get things done? This shows you how you can handle being crazy busy. Enjoy! Wishing for 26 hour days?

Ticking the Boxes

I am doing some interesting organizational courses lately in my continual quest to know how to be the best executive possible. A fall-out of those courses is that I have for several weeks now been writing weekly and daily plans listing what I need to accomplish in those time frames.&n

Life/Work Balance

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein So many people are talking, writing, ranting about having life/work balance. Have you noticed, however, that it means something different for each person? Someone who has just fallen i

Toughing It Out

You never know how strong you can be until you are put to the test, right? When you own a company or have a high position of responsibility for the outcome of the group, organization, division, committee, single mother, etc., you can be put to the test of pulling off miracles to save

There Is Hope!

Some days you might feel like throwing in the towel. Walking away from it all might seem like an option. “Just waiting for one more thing to go wrong, and then that’s it, I’m outta here!” Hmmm … First of all, don’t think that you are the only one who has ever had those thoughts. Most

Goal Setting

What goals do you have? Perhaps you want a bigger practice, a happier team, higher quality service to the patients or clients, more net income? Maybe you wish to lose weight (or gain, for the lucky people), create financial independence, build a successful marriage, or raise productiv

How to be More Successful

Everything you want in life requires the support or cooperation of individuals. Your success depends on other people. Objects, the economy and governments do not make you successful. For example, if you invented a better telephone, it would not make you wealthy. Your money would come

Be a “Solutions Architect”

I recently met a gentleman who told me his job with IBM is “Solutions Architect.”  I thought, “WOW, this would be a great job description and title for all the practice management consultants in my company.”   Then I realized that WE ALL need to be solutions architects in everything w