Janice Wheeler

6 Cool Things I Have Learned as a Boss

1.  Ask my staff for ideas more often. At various times, I have sat alone as the owner of a company trying to visualize how I can do something differently.  In other words, I am working within my own box.  An excellent idea that I sometimes forget about is asking my team for ideas on

Good Staff, Bad Staff, Indifferent Staff

Having had my own business (with my husband) for over 24 years, I have experienced a full range of staff in all different shapes, sizes, marital statuses, kids, no kids, lazy, driven and indifferent. Right now I have a fairly self-motivated staff. A couple of them are more driven than

Frozen into Inaction in your Practice?

Have you ever had so many “screaming emergencies” on your plate at once that you actually experienced a feeling of being frozen into inaction? Or maybe there were several overwhelmingly important decisions and you just felt like all your “brain space” had been taken up and there was n