This is a collection of articles written by Janice Wheeler, President of The Art Of Management. They are useful advice on how to tackle specific problems and give ways to solve them.

A Blank Space

Everyone has a history if they have lived at all. Things have happened to us throughout our lives, good or bad. Many of us could write a really entertaining, attention grabbing book that no one would believe could have happened for real. Here’s an interesting twist though: Instead of being interested in what has already …

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What gets you up in the morning with a smile on your face? As a practice owner, what worthwhile goals do you have for the practice that make you look forward to the future? Having a future to look forward to and work towards can motivate you and excite you and motivate you. In the …

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How to Get in the Driver’s Seat

You may have noticed that people do not succeed by blaming other people, the economy, the government, the boss, their staff, their family or their enemies. Top execs and successful people just don’t go there.

No matter how hard you blame others, no matter how convincing the argument and no matter how many people agree with you, blame does not boost your productivity, increase your income or help you reach your goals.